Beginning on your mobile app journey?

This app portfolio showcases Smithsoft apps. This will provide an idea of what Smithsoft and I have worked on.

Maybe you’ll see something here to inspire your own app building ideas!

Got specific app type interests? Please let me know via the handy web-form which provides space for you to attach images and docs of what you’re looking for.

App Portfolio and Résumé

Thinking of working with Smithsoft but need something on who I’ve worked with to take to stakeholders?

There’s other apps not listed above that I have worked on, or been involved with.

Hopefully my Résumé will win them over – you can grab a copy by clicking the button below. It has more details of my experience.

Alternatively the same thing is available over on my LinkedIn profile.

Check the About page if its a personal profile that you’re looking for.

Sarah Smith Resume