Edit PLIST file collections with Plistinator – purpose-made editor tool


Edit PLIST file collections fast with purpose-made Plistinator.  It’s the simple editor for PLIST files. For Mac, Win & Linux.

Update! Version 1.2.3 is out with new features and fixes! Improved stability, and dark mode for Mac! Grab it now.


Plistinator for Mac is a native Mac OSX App!
Also on the Mac App Store.

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Plistinator for Windows is a native Windows App! Coming soon for the Windows 8 Store.

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Plistinator is available in Linux 32 bit and Linux 64 bit. Check the compatibility listing for your version of Linux.

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Edit PLIST file collections for free

Watch the video below for tips on editing PLIST files for free.

It all depends on the platform you’re on, and the format of the file. Do you know if the file is binary or XML? Because if it is XML then it may be possible to edit the file as is for free!

If not it still may be possible to convert to another format first and then edit. I’ve detailed these and other free options in the video below.

If you’re a developer you’ve got a lot of options for free editing of PIST files. I wrote an article about Open-Source code & tools for PLIST editing of both binary & XML format data.

Plistinator, by Smithsoft

Smithsoft builds apps and games: and we use PLIST files a lot! One day we needed a cross platform PLIST editor… and Plistinator was born. Read the whole store in our The Plistinator story article.

The Smithsoft software company that built Plistinator, stands behind it: so please reach out for support if you have any issues.  There’s a special support link right inside Plistinator itself or you can read our support FAQ or email us.

No risk. Try Plistinator for editing your plist files. If you’re not happy, get 100% of your money back, guaranteed!

Customer Feedback

Robert K. <robertk@xxxx.com> Feb 25

Sarah – that works like a charm. Thank you very much!




Edit PLIST file contents in binary and XML format - large easy to use interface.
Edit PLIST file contents in binary and XML format – large easy to use interface.

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