This is the professional portfolio site for me, Sarah Smith. Welcome! Check the blog posts below or have a play with my Mobile App “Cost Estimator” below. As of Jan 1, 2021 this is no longer a consulting business.

Could I build an app?

Could my app be a success? How would I make money from my app?

These are great questions to ask, especially if you’re in business but new to apps. I’ve worked hard to put the answers to these questions in plain english right here on the Smithsoft blog.  Check the articles starting with What Kinds of Apps Are There?


Are you looking for fast, clean native apps that offer the premium user-experience of the best of iPhone or Android? Your customers will love downloading & using your app from the Apple app store or Google Play. Deep tech, hard core and high performance, notifications and in-app-purchases – the world of native functionality is available.


We specialise in bringing together the flexibility of the web, with the power of native ios and Android in beautiful hybrid apps that are seamless and a joy to use even when offline. For not much more than the cost of native, hybrid apps can bring your existing cloud or web functionality into the palm of your hand, enabling notifications and other native experiences.



Expert mobile app developers can build elegant, ultra-fast, mobile-first progressive web apps. Unlike cut-down, clunky desktop apps, users want a mobile-first experience that compromises on nothing and creates a highly-functional presence for your business right in your customers’ hands.



Create fast native mobile games that access the power and features of the Android or iPhone/iPad platform. Deep expertise means your game development work is done right… and your game comes to life. Game technologies can be cross-platform to save on development costs.