This is no longer a consulting business. I ran Smithsoft from 2012 to 2021, consulting and building apps. Below is archived content from those days. Build Home

Some of the apps I have worked on are listed here.

Photo Sorting App for iPhone



Like a personal assistant for your iPhone photo collection, Sortal does the work for you.

Social Word Game for iPhone with Literature and Music

Pandora's Books

Pandora's Books

Unscramble your way to victory in this free, fast paced word game for your iPhone with books from the world of literature.

Sci-Fi Themed Line Drawing Game for iPhone

SpaceBot Alpha

Space Bot Alpha

Plucky Space Bot Alpha must dodge & trap the evil space squid in this sci-fi themed ios game.

File Editing Utility for Mac, Windows and Linux



A cross-platform editor for Apple's PLIST file format that runs on Apple, Windows and Linux.

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