This is no longer a consulting business. I ran Smithsoft from 2012 to 2021, consulting and building apps. Below is archived content from those days.

Like a personal assistant on your phone, Sortal takes care of organising your photos. Using patent pending machine learning technology Sortal understands what your photos mean to you, sort work and home pictures, holiday and family, sports and more.

Sortal iPhone

Here's co-founder Majella Edwards and me receiving the Mayor's Innovation award in 2018 for our work on Sortal.

Receiving Mayors Innovation award

Sortal is an Australian Digital Asset Management (DAM) system specifically designed to quickly organise, categorise, tag, sort, search and manage your digital images and videos.

Gone are the days of misplacing your images in archaic folder structures. Simply upload and let Sortal take care of the rest.

Sortal iPad

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