February 18, 2023

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Hands typing a website on a macbook

A new site! A new fresh place to put the content from my Smithsoft consulting days, and to collect all the technmology and other writing I do.

Fresh Start

This photo is from a trip I did in my consulting days up to Peregian Beach where I spoke on mobile development at the Peregian Digital Hub. I love sharing about technology, but I need a fresh new way to do it.

Sarah at Peregian beach

I want that fresh start and at the same time not to throw away all the knowledge I have worked to attain and articulate over the years.

So I decided to use Gatsby - a PRPL style React based system, but customised to be laid out like my old site.


So it has a set of pages, which is content that is more or less static and doesn't age.

These pages will be archived content from my consulting days with Smithsoft.


This is a blog. A continuously growing collection of posts, which stretches back in time - to this, the very first post in the timeline:

Source Code

I'm going to make this source code available on my Github, minus the actual content here. I will have a seperate private version with that so I can control deployment more easily.

I'll post that here soon, until then thanks for reading!


I'm calling it Smithsoftby and maybe I'll make it available as a template.

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